Head tracking system

Vinvision head tracking technology, enables individuals who are severely paralyzed or suffer from RSI, ALS, muscular dystrophy and other complex physical disabilities to operate their computer hands free by just using their head movements. By looking at control tool bars displayed on the screen, user could implement communication by using speech software, type, run computer software, surf the web, send email, carry out environment control, operate computer mouse, play games, and more. Vinvision head tracking system is being used in homes, offices, schools, hospitals and long term care facilities with the purpose to enhance the life quality of people with disabilities all over the world.

Other Application includes: HMI for Entertainment games by head tracking, 3D scene generation

For more features of our system, please refer to attached tables bellow:

aMouse web.jpg 
                                            aMouse head tracking device                                         
» No IR technology adopted, green and health
» Compact design and easy to operate
» USB 2.0 interface, plug and play
» Commonly used applications:Internet access, game play, email, typing, text to speech, environment control, music play and movie play etc.
»Totally comply with CE standard.