Company Profile

Vinvision Technology was founded in 2008, since its foundation, it was committed to develop and provide leading-edge assistive technology devices for the blind and visually impaired so as to help them regain their active daily activities and life independence.
Vinvision Technology has been at the forefront of the aid device industry since its inception. We had brought and developed many of innovative and initiative assistive technology products to the market such as Braille talking watch, Braille watch, Braille pocket watch, Low vision talking/non talking watch, talking watch, clocks, Daisy text player, Video magnifier and White canes catering for users’ needs and fulfilling their aspiration.
About Us As an assistive technology product provider, Vinvision’s objective is to bring light to our users’ mind and heart and help them discover their lost hobby once distanced from them. We will do our best to solve the problems faced by our users and work together with local partners around the world to serve them and win their trust over the assistive technology device supply, application service and consultation service.