UM028B wired mouse video magnifier

Mouse type magnifier HV-WDM series is a powerful, portable, hand-held digital reading aid device designed for people with low vision. The size of a computer mouse has ergonomic design and is easy to operate. It connects directly to any TV/PC Monitor with video input port or TV-USB converter within seconds, allowing you to read news papers, magazines, recipe cards and even medicine labels.  It supports Win7 32bit or 64bit system. Viewing modes include black on white, white on black, full color and high contrast. Rechargeable battery could last 4 hours. 


Main Features:

  • Dual video output supported: TV and PC
  • Easy to operate for users
  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • Light weight and easy to carry with
  • 20 to 75 magnifications levels depend on monitor size 
  • White blance range: 2500K to 7000K with automatic adjustment
  • Intelligent back-lit control system
  • Fashionable mouse bag attached as accessory