HCP-01 4.3" handheld video magnifier

HCP-01 4.3" handheld video magnifier with removable battery which gives you a clear and crisp image view and it’s high contrast, 4.3inch LCD display gives you 2- 32 times magnification effect, also folding stand offers you easy reading and writing . There are 12 reading modes in total to be selected which include full color, high contrast positive, black on white, white on black, blue on white , white on blue, yellow on black, black on yellow, yellow on blue, blue on yellow, green on white, white on green. You can also freeze the picture and even change view mode under image freeze status. In addition, machine will automatically turn off after 3 minutes to save power. More importantly, you could connect the video magnifier to TV for getting much larger image display which depends on TV screen size. With our TV-USB converter, even so you could connect HCP-01 to PC.


Main Features:

● Easy to carry with, compact and easy to use

● 4.3” screen display, magnification ranges from 2x to 32x

● Smooth magnification adjustment

● Clear and sharp image without net jaggies and raggies

● Battery life could last 3 continuous hours

● With 2.5 hours battery charging time

● TV connection, PAL & NTSC

● PC connection via optional TV-USB converter

● Automatically power offf without operation after 3 mins

● Lightweight, only 205g

● Writing stand

● Freeze frame function